Cell Cycle Analysis

Using Flow Cytometry one can determine what percentage of a cell population is in which part of the cell cycle.

Flow Cytometry results
Flow Cytometry results

The above experiment was done using PI(propidium iodide) which stains DNA and RNA by intercolating between the bases. The cells are lyzed using a special procedure which does not disrupt the nucleus, which is then stained. The stained nuclei are run through the flow cytometer and the PI fluorescence of each nucleus is recorded. After we have this information we can take the flow data and run it through our analysis software for cell cycle, Modfit LT 3.0.

Modfit software results

Using the Modfit software we can see what percentage of the cell population is in each part of the cell cycle based on the amount of DNA present.

• G1 phase: 88.78%

• S-phase: 8.58%

• G2/M phase: 2.63%

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