How to donate funds towards RIC Facility Equipment Purchases

The RIC Facility operates at zero profit and is unable to purchase equipment. If you would like to make a donation to the RIC Facility so that it can procure cutting-edge research instruments, please contact us. By purchasing better equipment, our researchers will save time and will be able generate quality data as well as provide superb learning experiences for students.

Sandra Hope, M.S. Ph.D., RIC Facility Director


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RIC Facility

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If you would like to donate to the College of Life Sciences or any subgroup within the college, please contact the College Development office:

Orrin Olsen


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James Welsh

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Faculty Donations towards RIC Facility Equipment Purchases

The RIC Facility procures equipment using capital equipment funds and other research funds from the hosting department, the college, the university and donations. Faculty may donate research funds to be used for a piece of equipment purchased by the RIC Facility. A donation percentage is defined as the percent donated dollar value of the total dollar cost for equipment purchase. A dollar credit will be determined as the donation percentage of the donated dollar value. The dollar credit will be assigned to the donor faculty account and can be applied only to services for the machine to which the donation was applied. The donor faculty member may waive all or part of the right to dollar credit for donated funds. Dollar credit remaining in a faculty account after two years from the time of equipment purchase will be forfeited.


A faculty member donates $5,000 for a piece of equipment costing $60,000.

Total dollar cost = $60,000

Donated dollar value = $5,000

Donation percentage = 5000 / 60000 = 0.083 = 8.3%

Dollar credit = 0.083 x 5000 = $416.67

Faculty members are encouraged to communicate desires for acquisition of new equipment with the director of the RIC Facility. Dollar credit is based on a donation percentage of instrument cost parallel to the pricing structure (which is also based on a percentage of instrument cost). Directly translated, donations between 4% and 30% of the instrument cost will yield between 2 weeks and 2 years worth of dollar credit for that instrument. Donations above 30% will yield the maximum dollar credit for two years of unlimited equipment use on the instrument to which the money was donated. In the example above, the dollar credit of $416.67 would be equivalent to two months of heavy use on the $60,000 instrument. Donations from faculty toward equipment purchase may improve the chances of obtaining a desired instrument.