Sorvall High Speed Centrifuge

The Sorvall RC5C plus is a centrifuge designed to separate substances of various densities in a temperature controlled setting. This centrifuge has the capacity to do a large number of samples at a high speed and low temperature. Multiple rotors are available to accommodate various tube amounts.

• Temperature:
Temperature Set Range: -20°C to +40°C
Control Range: 2°C to 37°C at maximum rotor speed
Control Accuracy: +/- 1°C of set temperature (after stabilization)
• Speed:
Max. Speed: 21,000 rpm
Control Range: 500 rpm to 21,000 rpm
Control Accuracy: +/- 100 rpm, or 1%
• Timer: Synchronous motor driven.  0 to 120 minutes in 1-minute increments

Rotors available:
• SLA-1500 = Holds 200-250 ml tubes
• SS-34 = Holds 50 ml tubes

High Speed Centrifuge Instructions

highspeed centrifuge rotor table.jpg
highspeed centrifuge rotor table cont..jpg