TBS-380 Flourometer

TBS-380 Mini-Fluorometer


The TBS-380 Mini-Fluorometer is designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The TBS-380 provides high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements is very accurate for measuring DNA concentration.

  • Minicell Adapter allows you to measure samples in low assay volumes without losing sensitivity through the use of two focusing lenses. 
  • Single-point calibration improves accuracy while saving time. 
  • An internal data logging package with software that interfaces with Microsoft Excel can log up to 1,000 data points.
  • Dual UV and Blue Channels allow you to switch between two assays by pressing one button.

UV Channel dyes
Hoechst dye 33258 (DNA Quantitation)

Blue Channel dyes
PicogreenĀ® (DNA Quantitation)
RibogreenĀ® (RNA Quantitation)