Synergy HT Multi-Mode
Microplate Reader

The Synergy HT Multi-Mode


The Synergy HT Multi-Mode Microplate reader is an advanced platereader that is capable of Fluorescence, Luminescence, and UV-Visible Absorbance detection modes. It reads 6- to 384- well microplate formats including PCR trays and Terasaki plates.

  • Compatible with multi-well plates: 6 well to 384 well, including Terasaki plates
  • Take3 Plate: sixteen 3 ┬ÁL microspots for low volume measurement. Saves precious samples and is a very fast process
  • Fluorescent Wavelength according to available filters:
    • Excitation Filters: 485/20, 530/25, and 590/20 nm
    • Emission Filters: 460/40, 528/20, and 590/35 nm
  • Absorbance Wavelength range 200-999 in 1 nm increment. Auto settings for DNA/RNA 260 nm measurements when using Take3 Plate
  • Luminescence Wavelength range 300-700 nm (top detection)
  • Plate shaker, temperature control and time lapse reads

Plate Types: (Please use flat bottoms) 

  • Absorbance readings: clear plates with clear bottom
  • Fluorescence readings: black plates with clear bottom
  • Luminescence readings: white plates with white bottom
  • Plate shaker, temperature control and time lapse reads

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BioTek Synergy User Guide