BD FACSVantage Cell Sorter

Location: E267 BNSN

Flow cytometry is a means of measuring certain physical and chemical characteristics of cells or particles as they travel in suspension one by one past a sensing point. In one way flow cytometers can be considered to be specialised fluorescence microscopes. We can measure physical characteristics such as cell size, shape and internal complexity and, of course, any cell component or function that can be detected by a fluorescent compound can be examined.

The BD FACSVantage is able to sort cell populations while the BD FACSCanto is unable to.

Cellular features measurable by Flow Cytometry:

Intrinsic : size, shape, cytoplasmic granularity, autofluorescence and pigmentation

Extrinsic : DNA content, DNA composition, DNA synthesis, cell cycle, chromatin structure, RNA, protein, sulphydryl groups, Antigens (surface, cytoplasmic & nuclear), lectin binding sites, cytoskeletal components, membrane structure (potential, permeability & fluidity), enzyme activity, endocytosis, surface charge, receptors, bound and free calcium, apoptosis, necrosis, pH, drug kinetics, etc.


• Uses same software package as the FACS Canto

• Able to analyze all the same colors as the FACS Canto, plu some additional ones

• Excitation Frequencies of 407, 488, and 633nm

• Able to sort up to 4 separate populations into individual tubes

• Can only be run by Dr. Burnett or Dr. Burton

• Contact Dr. Burnett for appointments

Additional Information: