Services Description for Grants

The following is a current description of equipment and services that can be copied and pasted into your "Resources" section of a grant.

The Research Instrumentation Core (RIC) is directed by Professor Sandra Hope, Ph.D. with part-time lab technicians to provide full flow cytometry analysis services.  The RIC houses a Beckman Coulter Cytoflex analytical flow cytometer capable of detecting 13 colors plus forward and side scatter; equipped with four lasers (488, 638, 561, 405 nm and the option of 18 filters, with the option of manual sample handling or platereader sampling.  The RIC also has a BD Bioscience AccuriC6 plus analytical cytometer able to detect 4 colors and equipped with a 488 nm and 640 nm lasers.  The RIC currently promotes sorting services through the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department on a BD FACS Aria Fusion with four lasers (488, 637, 561, 355 nm) and detection of up to 12 fluorescent parameters. The RIC also houses a Zeiss fluorescent microscope with AxioCam camera and Zeiss imaging software, cytospin centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, Nanodrop spectrophotometer, and plate readers for fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, BRET, and FRET.